About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

Direct Net Hosting is a small but knowledgeable web hosting company located in Eagan, Minnesota. We are not like the extremely large hosting companies that don't care about you or your website, but instead we personally work with you to resolve any issues that you may incur with your website. My wife and I would love to work with you.

Dan Gray Sr.

Business Owner, Husband

After being in the Managment / Consulting industry for almost 30 years - Dan now provide services for Web Design, Hosting & Domain Management.

Feel free to contact me by sending a message to "danlgraysr@comcast.net".

Ngoc Bui

Client Manager, Wife

Ngoc obtained U.S. Citizenship in 1986, from Saigon, Vietnam. She is also employed with the United States Postal Service and enjoys cooking, shopping for bargains and travel.

Have questions about our customer service - send me a message "ngocbui@comcast.net".

Our Values

Personal relationships remain key...

To change the web hosting landscape for the better, Direct Net Hosting’s founder – Dan L Gray Sr believed that consumers, while faced with a plethora of companies, had very little actual choice – your average hosting company is an impersonal ‘mega-corporation’ driven solely by a desire to turn over profit – leading to poor customer support, and no personal interest in you, or your business success.

Annoyed by this indifference Direct Net Hosting was setup to offer discerning clients the choice of a personal company that not only provides un-beatable support, but importantly - an excellent web host.


Why be content with an inferior offering when you can have excellence? Hosting is no different.


All of our website hosting accounts come 100% fully managed by our 24/7 Support Team.


99.9% uptime. If we fail, we will credit your account, no questions asked!


Web hosting control panel system that allows you to have full control over you website, domains and more.


A personal company that cares about your business and provides un-beatable support.


Look to us for your secure hosting needs. ...the key to a successful web business.

Our Location

Our Mailing Address

PO Box 22447, Eagan, MN 55122